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June 2013:

- Finally announced:'s annual photo contest winners, the "biggest online underwater photo contest in the world", or something, and I managed a Bronze in the 'Sharks' category. Woot.

- Took a daytrip with Michael Kazma and his gang, to play with some blues & makos out of La Jolla/San Diego, via the Yellow Boat - we had a beautiful male blue, and a few skittish makos out in the crystal waters, all day long (-exhausting!)...

- (After the grueling Series 9 & 10 several months back, I just passed the Series 66.   No.  More.  Licenses.  Please. .....)

- Congrats to my good friend Andy Murch, winner of the 2013 Marine Photobank "Oceans In Focus" contest - and a fantastic series of images it is!


April 2013:

- spent a week at the Revillagigedos archipelago (known for Isla Socorro) aboard the Sea Escape, led by the intrepid Andy Murch, and surrounded by humpback whales. (Only a few mantas though, and they didn't stick around. Mostly sharks, and rather barren, rocky reefs - that's the Eastern Pacific for ya!)


Dec 2012:

- SeaWeb has posted my short trip review of the Galapagos with Lindblad....

- trying to update the site, trying to keep abreast of various photo postings & contests, and trying to get my work (and life) into some semblance of sense....


Nov 2012:

 - fellow Lindblad Galapagos traveler, National Geographic Media Editor David Braun, has published an interview with me (with some pics).

- video interview from the Galapagos, for SeaWeb & Marine Photobank....

- back from the Galapagos: a week aboard the Galapagos Aggressor II, a couple nights in San Cristobal, and a week aboard the National Geographic Endeavor courtesy of Lindblad. Lots of pics to sort through, and lots of new friends with whom to share stories. (Also, I got married on the boat - not bad for romantic, really....)


Feb 2012:

 -- some shark pics and an interview in the Chinese media magazine The Bund Pictorial.... (click the crosshairs over the Tom Cruise cover to page through the mag).


Dec 2011:

 -- one of my blue shark shots from Rhode Island has won the top honor in Marine Photobank/SeaWeb's Ocean in Focus competition. (They've posted an interview here, and the article was cross-posted at Looks like I'm going to the Galapagos next year!...

 -- it's official: after taking my girlfriend to Maui for her birthday, we return home engaged. :)

 -- it's out now, makes a great gift!: Scorched-Earth Policy's killer 6th new album, "Millennial Delusions", available now at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, or from us! GET IT!!!

 -- after weeks of very stressful confusion (and several external interviews), I learned I'm keeping a job with Stifel Nicolaus, although what the new structure & duties are to be is anyone's guess.... At least I've passed the Series 7 exam (again), so that's nice. (Update: now I find out I have to take the Series 9 & 10 as well! Arrrghhh!)


 Aug 2011:

 -- had a great 3-day weekend in Rhode Island with buddies Joe Romeiro and Andy Murch, snorkeling with blue sharks - we even had two tiny young makos pay a visit. (Not sure, but I think blues are becoming my favorite.) On day 3 we drove up to Cape Cod, where we had put together an impromptu expedition with (our BFF) Tom Burns to see some basking sharks! Awesome animal, fun adventure roadtrip.

 --(my day job, Stone & Youngberg, was bought by the ever-expanding Stifel Nicolaus; all of us in back-office support (Ops, etc.) are pretty much going to be looking for new jobs very soon...?)

 -- had a fun trip in May to southern Cat Island (Bahamas), where the great people of Epic Diving took us to snorkel with some oceanic whitetips! Awesome shark, truly - but semi-frustrating as they didn't show until day 4, of a 5-day trip... but that's the wild kingdom for ya; at least we saw some!...


Apr 2011:

 --This is becoming a grueling year:

* LD/50 just completed another 6 show run in March, stretching from Fresno to Chico and in-between, while tracking bits for a new EP; I was deathly ill the whole time too, so that was extra awesome;

* Scorched-Earth Policy is just about done (finally!) with final mix/master, and we're just solidifying layouts for a summer album (#6!) release;

* I'm now knee-deep in writing basslines for my dear friend Mica Lee Williams' new album project, which should be mixed & mastered by the end of the year...?;

* I've just registered, which will be a referrer hub for all my projects;

* I'll be gearing up for my first trip to Cat Island (May), diving with Andy Murch & Amanda Cotton amid a cozy little band of shark fanatics (FINatics?...);

* after that, it's straight back to bandizing shenanigans - with plans to kick all three projects into high(er) gear to promote the new tunes;

* (and in-between, the usual 9-5 at the office, and as much time & intermittent travel with my girlfriend as possible... Sleep? What's that?....)

* perhaps there's even time for some more Open Water classes in Monterey as well - any excuse to go diving!.....


 Nov 2010:

 --the awesome iDiveSharks 2011 calendar is out! GET IT NOW! The seemingly steep price tag is due to a charitable contribution to WildAid/Shark Savers, so it's clearly the best calendar you can buy this year! ... oh, and I'm featured on January. ;)

 --the awesome new Smithsonian Natural History reference book from DK Publishing is out now as well, GET IT NOW!... and not just because I have a bull shark & big tiger shark pic on p.325 (or something)! It's pretty neato....

 --I've finally begun to get my CafePress sites up & running; you can check the preliminary products here: and here:; working on the S.E.P. and 401k pages......

 --recent band activities have been keeping me totally beat & sleep-deprived, but I hope to catch up on site updates over the next month or two... but keep your eyes & ears open for LD/50 and the upcoming Scorched-Earth Policy album (check the sampler/teaser at the Youtube link...).


 Feb 2010:

--back from an awesome Bahamas diving excursion with the ShearWater crew, the Shark Safe Network founders and 333 Productions - good times and lots of sharks! Lots of new pics to come;

--the new Scorched-Earth Policy album is about halfway done, and we're a top 20 national finalist for Scion/'s "No Label Needed" contest - vote once a day through 3/8!!!

--the LD/50 demo is out, and the word begins to spread;

--and more updates to the site here & there, so enjoy, dammitt!!!


June 2009:

  • -planning another jaunt aboard the Shearwater to lovely Tiger Beach, Bahamas in the coming January, with buddies Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher from 333 Productions - c'mon, hammers!
  • -Reef Check California training: "core" certified now, planning my first actual surveys in October
  • -Another big shark fishing tourney is scheduled this month (in NJ) - let's try to get this one to be 'catch & release only' like the Shark Safe team did in Florida last month! Great job on that one, folks.

May 2009:

  • -S.E.P. is hard at work prepping for EP/album #6, and I may be involved in another project as well (time and personnel allowing...).
  • -Monterey Bay dive conditions have been awesome for several weeks now, really unprecedented - killer vis, tons of life (sea lion pups!) and glass-flat seas! (I think temps even reached 58F at the surface some days....)
  • -found another one of my images being used without permission; this time: a snapshot of a galapagos shark I took in 2005, just outside of Hale'iwa (HI), on Forbes' travel website. (It is attributed to my Flickr username - from where they stole it - but it's still under copyright!)
  • -looking forward to Reef Check training in June, and then possible altitude training in July (Tahoe, here we come...).
  • -planning another jaunt to the Channel Islands, in either August or October, as well as perhaps a trip to....?...

March 2009:

  • -my Scarface portrait "Breakfast at Rusi's" can now be seen in the new BAD Boys (Beqa Adventure Divers) sharkdiving brochure (
  • -pricing for prints is currently in flux, until I can resolve quality issues with the files & prints I've made recently.
  • -looking forward to a 3-day weekend in the Channel Islands in late May, aboard the Truth.
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